Potential Electrical Hazards 


  Below are photos of potential electrical hazards. At Electrifusion Electrical Services LLC we choose to educate customers on their electrical systems and electrical safety. There are over 20,000 electrical fires in the United States every year; claiming the lives of hundreds of people. 

Please DO NOT allow appliance delivery people to hook up your new appliances! They never tightened the improperly installed lugs, did not properly ground the range, damaged the back of the range by not turning the power off, did not install a cable clamp, and did not install the provided screws to hold the back cover on. We installed a proper cord and receptacle, and left the homeowners safe!

Arc damage from the cable from the picture below. If not for the service replacement, this would have eventually failed with the potential of an electrical fire. 

This cable was likely poorly installed many years ago causing it to arc in the breaker lug. Conditions like this can and will cause an electrical fire. 

Damaged wiring where a receptionist desk once was. 

A homeowner modified electrical box. 

Homeowner modified electrical box wired to an extension cord in the wall.

Federal Pacific stab-lok electrical panel. FPE stab-lok panels have been responsible for many electrical fires, and should be replaced no matter what condition they are in. 

Zinso electrical panel. Much like Federal pacific stab-lok panels; Zinsco electrical panels have been known to cause electrical fires, and should be replaced. 

A homeowner installed light with no electrical box. 

The wiring found in this wall was automotive wire mixed with single conductor THHN which is not legal to be used inside of a wall. 

This electrical panel was severely rusted due to a roof leak. If you have rust in your electrical panel, please give us a call. 

If your electrical service looks like this; give us a call. 

#10 AWG wires rated for only 30 amps hooked to a 50 amp breaker. All wire has a maximum ampacity rating that cannot be exceeded without melting. 

Exposed wiring due to the flexible metal conduit being pulled from its clamp. 

Exposed electrical connections. All electrical connections need to be housed in an electrical enclosure. 

This electrical panel is breaker filler plates. All electrical panel openings must be covered to prevent contact with live electrical parts. 

This receptacle and the wire melted due to an overloaded loose connection. That caused a loss of power to the second floor of a dormitory; and could have caused an electrical fire. 

A roof leak in a library caused severe damage to this electrical panel. 

This small fuse panel was still live at the time the picture was taken. 

A baseboard heater that burnt up and started a small fire in the connection end. The customer had been hearing crackling from the heater prior to this. If you hear any popping, crackling, or buzzing from your electrical equipment; give us a call. 

A severely corroded cold water pipe ground wire. The grounding and bonding system in your home or business is crucial for safety. 

This aluminum clad cable corroded from the acids in the brick mortar. 

Improperly installed cable and exposed wire connections. 

A loose connection in this light caused the wire to burn up, and the wiring had to be replaced. Small mistakes like this can cause an electrical fire.